Thermoform - TR 600

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Full automatic thermoform machine  is a good example of Yılmaz Machine's high technology  with the properties of  its original design,ability,ease of use,producing packaging products in different sizes ,shapes. TR-600 full automatic thermoform machine is a product of high technology and high capacity.The raw material in the shape of bobin is heated,formed,cut and lined up. Bobin Opener:It helps raw material transferred into the machine without difficulty. Heater:There are two above and below. They are parallel to the moving direction.Every line is adjustable to the different heat Forming unit:Above120mm.,below 50 mm.Shape can be given. There is co- print unit for deep patterns.
Chains:The chains which carries equipment is servo- motor controlled.It provides accurate stepping. Cutting unit:It is double-moving as above and below.Standard press knife between 24-100 mm  is used.The knife can be heated up to 150 °C'Lining unit:It provides lining and of the cut- products arranged on ends and counting them
Drilling unit (optional) Instead of lining  unit,drilling unit can be mounted. Burr coiling unit:After cutting ,periphary burrs are are gathered as bobin shape.Gathered burrs are taken out easily by pneumatical system. Control unit:The latest technology ,PLC+operator panel is used.All the adjustments are seen on the screen and kept in memory for the next pattern.Chain width,pattern and knife stroke adjustment ,cut adjustments and ;cut unit,lining unit (or drilling unit),all of their position  adjustments are done by motor.All adjustments are watched on the screen.The mistakes and errors identified by PLC are seen on the screen

Technical Details

Capacity : 20 print/min
Pattern size : 390 x 600 mm
Knife size : 385 x 595 mm
Equipment width : 630 mm
equipment : Max 1,2 mm PET,PS,PVC
Positive Form Height : 120 mm
Negative Form Height : 50 mm
Electricity  Need : 3 x 380 V – 50 Hz
Compressed Air Consumption : 6 bar 2000NI/min


Fast Fast
Economical Economical
Stainless AISI 304 Qualified Equipment and Cover Stainless AISI 304 Qualified Equipment and Cover
Full automatic Full automatic
Compact design Compact design

Production Procedure

Machine cuts,folds,and glues the paper which is pulled from bobin part.The paper which is folded and glued according to the weight of the product is pulled continuously by jaws. At the same time, the product which is sent from the weight part is poured to the paper. Then,jaw completes its  stroke and cuts the paper.Then packages are dropped to the conveyor.

Product Images

Thermoform - TR 600 Thermoform - TR 600 Thermoform - TR 600 Thermoform - TR 600

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