R & D - Research and Development

Our company located R & D form,s the basis of a case management approach, not only in-house R & D department has targeted to run in all departments. Founded in 1979, remaining today, our company is  constantly changing technology organizations and has provided the money to catch his investments and operations. It continues in the same approach. The creation of all quality management data by running out, implements their development, has been made possible by these datas.


The rational design process, robust, economical and optimal service, which provides our company, already has a R & D department with about 65 models and improve the machines in the machinery sector. Several mechanisms, which develops itself in the pattern and system design, our company has become a brand in the machinery sector. With the team assigned to outsource the service aims to provide fast and economical solutions. R & D department is holding the project by preparing the technological CAD software to design all the details under control, and it also supports the design of the software that can be an advantage in the visual presentation services. R & D engineers also make static systems design using computer-aided engineering programs, kinetics, kinematics, realizes the strength and thermal analysis.


But also, against foreign demand, our R & D department serves  to individual projects as well. The project is reliable, can be improved, and we accept the project criterias like having a market share that are also key elements.


With the Electrical and Electronics department is also in the development of mechatronic systems and R & D since our company aims to provide the benefits. including the automation of the system designed by us. All the mechanism group are made to deliver our key customers. Our company is protecting its intellectual and industrial property rights in the project is developing. At present, a number of patent applications and its leader in the industry  proves the importance of using the original design of the machine. Continuing to improve the department with programmatic and hardware investments the development of our company maintains a sense of daring in innovation management process.

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