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Technical Service Approach

Machinery is to offer the first day for a long time to make it work as an expert in high-performance and technical service with an experienced technical team and spare parts service. Our technical service 7/24 with the highest level of policy solutions to all technical problems and aims to provide the most accurate way as soon as possible.


Customers, quality of technical services we provide, ensuring the continuous and fast and customer satisfaction with our work is the basis for our customer-oriented service concept. Customer needs in the best way ever-present system to provide accurate and fastest technical support to understand and analyze subsequently refined, new methods are being developed.


All our machines on-site installation, maintenance and repair services according to the demands and needs of our customers need in every situation, according to constantly updated technical documentation is provided by our trained technical service personnel.


Services we offer to our customers as a Technical Service

1. Pre-Sales Services

Before the machine purchase, installation location, electrical, air, consulting and survey services to our customers in identifying the needs required for dust extraction systems and production. With the guidance of a sales representative, necessary investigations are done by our expert technical staff and submitted a report.


2. After Sales Services

Onsite Installation + Training; Sales adhering to the commitments that we made after the installation of the machines are given care and education programs are delivered fully functional and active state machines.


Maintenance and repair; The warranty period expired machines, the intervention of the fault, the performance of periodic maintenance and includes a fully functional and the service provided by our technical service team to keep the device active. Periodic maintenance is performed in accordance with the principles set by the manufacturer.


Out of Warranty / Non-Contract Services; Expired warranty and maintenance contract covers the services we provide to the machine without a fee.


Dismantling + Relocation, Services; Instead of making the new machine's handling and assembly where it is actively delivered.


Remote Access with Fault Detection / Removal (Teleservice Service); We give our machine that our service infrastructure, which is an online technical service personnel via modem. technical team in our factory, connecting directly to the customer's machine via modem provide direct access to all the digital control data. In this way, real-time technical interventions, the effect of performing service on the machine is increased.


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