Syrup Filling - TVP 050

TVP050 Şurup Dolum


 Syrup filling machine is a special designed machine having a capacity of filling liquids  into stick folios.Especially,it is planned to serve medicine sector,it can  make fillings in precision measurement by full-automatic machines.It is designed compatible with the TVP050 hygiene conditions according to the needs of the sector. It is a fast machine that can make productions with the high technology equipments without human hand touch,due to the adjustment capability,the product filling in precision measurements can be done.It can make filling of 3 different liquid in different times with the control of LCD touchscreen. With the system of automatic dosage cleaning system ,the mixing of the syrups into each other is prevented.  3 different syrups can be filled seperately ,but if it is wanted,the machine can make it with the one syrup with 3 different lines.And by this way,the capacity increases 3 times more.Besides,with this specially designed machine ,there is no need  for  air generator.All equipments   and systems are praped to work without compressor.Optionally,onto the package, dating and escalloping operations can be adapted to the machine.All of the equipments  that contact  the product are manufactured from AISI316 stainless steel.It is designed with the equipments that is proper for the medicine sector.

Technical Details

Capacity : 20 - 25 pack/min
Dosaging  Range : between 3ml - 50ml  (adjustable)
Package  Width : 26 mm
Package Length : 50mm - 180mm (adjustable)
Installed Electricity Power : 6 kw
Installed Air Consumption : No use
Power resource : 220 V, 50/60 Hz
Filling System : Valve- controlled injection
Control : PLC Control SYSTEM - Windows  pc
Folio Control : Photocell  Control System
Dozaging Type : 3 tank volumetric (for 3 different syrup)
Tank Volume : 1000ml - 5000ml (adjustable)
Chamber Cleaning : Manual (reservoir drain hole)
Cleaning : For Dosage command segments,automatic cleaning
Labelling : Lazer code unit (barcode, date)
Opening style : Tear notch
Dimensions : 1800mm x 1200mm x 1900mm
Machine Color : Metallic


Fast Fast
Economical Economical
Stainless AISI 304 Qualified Equipment and Cover Stainless AISI 304 Qualified Equipment and Cover
Full automatic Full automatic
Compact design Compact design
Packing Production in Different Format Packing Production in Different Format
High Quality Equipment High Quality Equipment
Hygenic Hygenic
Custom Design Custom Design
Product Output Variety Product Output Variety
Output Product Variety Output Product Variety
24 Hour Working Principle 24 Hour Working Principle
Control With Touchscreen Control With Touchscreen
Sensitive Sensitive

Production Procedure

 The process starts with filling of the tanks  from the bigger bunkers with  the help of     automatic pumps according to the information taken from sensor.It is done by the mechanical pistons (pistons are under each bunkers) that makes dosaging with the injection principle.Because of the stainless steel valves that is adapted to the exit of each bunker  ,the product isnot permitted wandering freely . With the help of  vertical hot  jaws and    and special flunge  ,the folio that comes from bobin takes its form.The product is injected  into stick folio that is formed by dosaging piston.The folio  is closed vertically by hot vertical jaw  .After closed by horizontal jaws   horizontally,the product output happens.

Product Images

Product images of the machine are being prepared.


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