Tablet Coal Machines



It is designed for making tablet product or the product for the pattern shape .It has high pressing power and it's special design machine.It can get very high pressing powers with the hydraulic working system in  approximately 130 bar pressures  for many tablet product production.The design is designed for turning  the dust nargile coal into tablet coal .For the other tablet products,the application areas are suitable  dependantly  AR-GE test and trials.This establishment is not only  thought as only tablet production but it also has full automatic different machines            

Tablet machine                                                                                

Drying and cooling units                                                                    

making box machine                                                                        

Closing brim machine                                                                      

Due to synchronised and their automation of the machines,the powder  product is turned into tablet and ends with as  packaged product.


Technical Details

Capacity  :  20.000 box/24 hour
Average electricity consumption :  60-110 kw/hour
Installed electricity power :  265 kw
Compressed air consumption(6 bar)  : 200 Nl / min
The length of installment  : 60 mt
The width of installment : 10 mt
The height of installment  : 5 mt
The area of the installment  : Without dust max %50 damp, sterile environment min 18°C  


Full automatic Full automatic
High Production Capacity High Production Capacity
High Quality Equipment High Quality Equipment
Hygenic Hygenic
Custom Design Custom Design
High Power High Power
Product Output Variety Product Output Variety

Production Procedure

  The powder coal is got wet by the special mixer and it is included to the system.Here ,thanks to the mechanism patented by our firm,powder coal is mixed a little and then it is filled to the pattern parts in desired weight.Rotated by a special drive system ,patterns go through to the pressing station evaucating the surplus product..Due to the pressing wall made of stainless-steel ,the product in the machine is pressed by the help of  hydraulic arms in high pressures  in pattern parts.Pressed tablet products go to the next station, by the help of hydraulic pistons ,tablets are fallen onto the matting band with the effect of hitting .Moving mattings band goes through drying tunnels ,it  helpsto take away the moisture in the coal.Tablets which go through drying tunnel  fill the boxes which come from box making machine and send the boxes to the box closing machine.The boxes become ready by being glued by the gluing device

Product Images

Tablet Coal Machines Tablet Coal Machines Tablet Coal Machines Tablet Coal Machines

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