Sachet Packaging - KPM060

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The rectangular shaped bags as 'sachet type'( that are glued in their  four sides )are produced  in the machine which has the property of multilined production.Depending on the size of the package ,it can work 10 lined. Its capacity can reach 500 pieces/min and it can handle high capacity of production power with one machine. With proper dosaging unit ,it can pack different products such as powder,  granulated,liquid and wet wipes .

Technical Details

Capacity : Max 40-45 circuit/min
Package Height : Max 150 mm
Bobin Center Point Diameter : 76 mm
Bobin Diameter : 500 mm
dosing types : Liquid 
Installed Electricity Power : 8 kw
Average Electricity Power : 4 kw
Pressured Air Consumption : 6 bar 200NI/min.
Package Material : PE laminated Aluminum foil


Fast Fast
Economical Economical
Stainless AISI 304 Qualified Equipment and Cover Stainless AISI 304 Qualified Equipment and Cover
Full automatic Full automatic
Low Workplace Cost Low Workplace Cost
High Production Capacity High Production Capacity

Production Procedure

  The machine has capacity that reaches 1100 mm wide folio capacity. Firstly, folio is divided into two parts in this machine.These two pieces go through  rolling cylinders.Their inner surfaces come to face to face ,and they are connected to each other by the connection claws.By the help of vertical connection claws  ,they are cut vertically and become ready for filling process according to the line numbers of the machine. The top side and underside of the bags are connected by the connection claws. The filling process of the product  happens at the same time with the connecting process. In the next station ,bags are cut horizontally, dropped to the band  and  taken away from the machine.

Product Images

Sachet Packaging - KPM060 Sachet Packaging - KPM060

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