Opened Type Parceling - CP

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 It's a full automatic ,fast machine that provides packing of the measured goods which are proper for packing; grouped goods by  having been  formed into   boxes   from cardboards.Robot carriage system is a developed machine which is prepared by servo motors or and with their  PLC automation .Cp series packing machine presents technological facilities. The advantages of the machine are  making packings with different products in different formats ,to present innovative products.

Technical Details

Capacity : 12-14 Quantity parcel pieces / min (max.)
Parcel size max : 600x300x250 mm
Parcel size min : 200x150x80 mm
Carrier system :  Adjustable chain system
Move control : Lineer Servomotor 
Automation control : PLC
Carton magazine capacity : 150 pieces
Installed electricity power : 16 kW / hour


Fast Fast
Economical Economical
Stainless AISI 304 Qualified Equipment and Cover Stainless AISI 304 Qualified Equipment and Cover
Full automatic Full automatic
Minimum Service Need Minimum Service Need
Minumum Operator Need Minumum Operator Need
Output Product Variety Output Product Variety
24 Hour Working Principle 24 Hour Working Principle
Control With Touchscreen Control With Touchscreen

Production Procedure

The products which are ready-sized for packaging is included to the system by the help of entrance conveyor.The packages are grouped in desired numbers by the help of sensor and pushing arm. Grouped products are put on the open parcel .By the spray gun which is on thecarrier mechanism,the flanges of the open parcel is glued.By the help of pneumatic arms which is on the carrier mechanism ,the flanges of the packet is glued and the parcel goes on the conveyor with its closed form.  Optionally ,the carrier mechanism can add  top carton to the open parcel.The parcels are directed to the out of the system by the S conveyor.

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Opened Type Parceling - CP

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