Aerosol Filling - ASD12



It's a machine developed to pack products such as  deodorant,aerosol, polyurethane and styrofoamand. It has a filling capasity up to 40 item per-minute. It also offers a wide range of pack size with the multi-functional settings. The gas -filling station designed with pneumatical automation provides  extremely safe work environment with its  exproof property. Due to the automatic cap-fixing, swashing and parceling options, it provides founding an installation  with one single machine.

Technical Details

Capacity : Max 55 tube/min
Max Tube Size : 325mm height – 66 mm diameter
Min Tube Size  :

80 mm height – 35 mm diameter 

Electricity Power : 5kw
Average Electricity Power : 4kw/hour
Compressed Air Consumption : 6 bar 2000 NI/min



Fast Fast
Economical Economical
Stainless AISI 304 Qualified Equipment and Cover Stainless AISI 304 Qualified Equipment and Cover
Full automatic Full automatic
Low Workplace Cost Low Workplace Cost
Compact design Compact design

Production Procedure

Liquid filling is firstly made in the containers conveyed to the machine automatically by the magazin conveyer  in the entrance of the machine .Liquid filling machine is 6 headed (station)and provides filling  6 different liquid into the same container, or high capacity can be provided by filling only one liquid  as 6  portions . The packs filled in the liquid filling unit is become ready for the gas filling by fixing valves in the next station.Valves are automatically entered  to the machine and applied. Gas-filling machine enables filling amounting to 6 different gas types or high capacity can be provided by filling only one type of gas  as 6 different portions .According to the need,extra equipments such as swashing system ,capping ,wrapping systems can be applied to the machine and it can be a full automation installation requiring minimum workpower .

Product Images

Aerosol Filling - ASD12 Aerosol Filling - ASD12 Aerosol Filling - ASD12

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