12,5 Tonne/Day Cube Sugar Factories - HPK 400

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The installation is designed for 24 hour nonstop working principle. And the average capacity is 12500 boxes per day. The installation consists of these  parts: 

1-Granulated sugar feeding unit.

2-tablet machine

3-drying conveyor

4-filling robot

5-box making machine

6-box closing machine

Technical Details

Capacity : 12.500 box/24hour
produced packet weight : 1kg
Cube sugar size : according to the size of the customer
Box size : according to the customer
Installed electricity power : 110 kw
Average  Electricity power : 55 kw/hour
Compressed air consumption : 6-8 bar  200 NI/min
Consumpted water consumption : 2 m^3/24 hour
Establishment length : Min 46 meter
Establihment width : Min 7 meter
Establisment height : Min 4 meter


Stainless AISI 304 Qualified Equipment and Cover Stainless AISI 304 Qualified Equipment and Cover
Full automatic Full automatic
High Production Capacity High Production Capacity
High Quality Equipment High Quality Equipment
Minumum Operator Need Minumum Operator Need
24 Hour Working Principle 24 Hour Working Principle
Control With Touchscreen Control With Touchscreen

Production Procedure

Powder  sugar passes through vibrated strainer and it is loaded first to the feeding silo and to automatic  level controlled upper silo with the help of a helezon carrier. The powder sugar poured into the mixer is mixed with water and gets wet a little, then sent to the  pattern plates on the revolving tumbler. The sugar compressed by pressing in the pattern plates after taking the desired shape ,  left on the stainless steel bands and  enter the drying ovens. Sugars are dried up to the proper temperatures with minimum electricity by  a special drying system designed by Yilmaz Machine. At the end of the drying tunnel, there is a filling robot and a box machine.  The sugar after drying tunnel is filled by the robot and ends in a line . They are passed brim closing machine.closing brim machine closes the boxes and glues  them .So they get ready for the consignment.The whole process of the production happens with untouched by human hand.

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12,5 Tonne/Day Cube Sugar Factories - HPK 400 12,5 Tonne/Day Cube Sugar Factories - HPK 400 12,5 Tonne/Day Cube Sugar Factories - HPK 400

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